A different persective

I had never been in an airplane, never been to a different continent. It was my first real holiday, at leat that’s what it was supposed to be. It turned out a very different experience than I had expected. It was an eye-opener. A film-noir in real life.

I had always hoped to visit Syria, it was one of those things that I had on my “to do before I die”-list. I had always seen Syria through television and a few stories from my dad. It didn’t look or sound too comfortable or luxurious, but that’s not really what I wanted either. It did sound very friendly and open.

When I arrived on Syrian grounds, I was immediately ensured by every human being I met that they were constantly only finding ways to get richer. Nonetheless, it was a pretty exciting adventure where the hard part was actually “blending in”.

I’ve made a few photographs along the way, hope you will like them!