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Crispy Pixels


Ever wanted to showcase your pixel art zoomed in without it getting blurry in a browser? Unfortunately, it’s not easy to do right now.

Firefox, Opera and even Internet Explorer all have a simple CSS property to enforce “nearest-neighbor” interpolation, but WebKit browsers like Chrome, Safari and most mobile browsers do not have this option available yet. So I created a way around this problem with HTML5 canvas.

With this widget, your pixel art can be shown on the web with custom width and height properties to have them zoomed in, and get the nice pixel sharpness back that you want for your pixel art!

How to use

To use Crispy Pixels on your own website, just add the following line of code before the closing of the <body> tag on your page:

<script src="//"></script>

Or, you could download the script and host it on your own server:

Download Crispy Pixels