My macro photography

Ever since I was a kid, I looked at the smallest things in life – literally. I enjoyed looking at the textures of various things: paper, plants, textile and my very own skin. You’d probably count me as an idiot when you see me studying my arm for hours. But the truth is contradictory: I would count you as an idiot if you ignore the beauty and complexity of life in its tiniest forms.

Looking at my own arm, I see hairs, holes, shiny parts and dull parts. Every hair has it’s own length, it’s own density and even it’s own color. Some are standing straight up, most of them slanting to a certain way. If you follow the direction they’re pointing, you’d often end at a point where two directions intersect – often in a spiral. I distort these, ordinary but complex, tiny parts of the things I see every day. I distort them, rotate them, adjust them and make them planets…

Every hair becomes one of many many trees. Imagining myself in the middle, I’m surrounded by thousands of trees that are so tall, they end up in nothingness. It’s a dark place. It’s a miracle these trees can survive this harsh place. The ground is pretty dry but still movable, resilient. A very strange texture on the ground. It has a certain repeating pattern but it still contains a certain beauty of unpredictability. If you look closely, you’ll see that all the trees are bending towards one side. Every one of them in a different degree. They’re bended so far down, that it’s pretty easy to climb them, but that’ll just leave you at the top that is too high to jump off. Why was I placed in this land? What am I here for? Maybe I’ll find out if I choose a path. But the only paths are to follow the trees or to go against them.

Heh, I guess it’s pretty weird to have read that if you’ve never considered such stories to be set on tiny surfaces of your body. The funny thing is, my eyes are too powerful; I can adjust my eyes to very very close objects without any difficulty. I can adjust my eyes even more than a regular person can so I can see more detail on close objects. Though, this comes with a price: I have to wear glasses for far-lying objects. Maybe that’s the reason I always looked differently to the world?

Nowadays I regularly make macro photographs. A camera with a macro function has the ability to focus just inches away from an object or subject so as to produce big close-ups, sometimes even larger-than-life size. Here follow a few macro photos I took recently.

Made in Germany II

Take everything

Now you're only dust and bones

Slippery Safety II

Frozen Crystals

Toilet paper

The Convention II

Tree Horror


Made in Germany


Spaghetti monster



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