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ArtLiteratureAugust 04, 2009

Saying these words
Make them burn in eternal fire
Hanging on cords
Strangled in the idea of desire

It is hard to take
What has been given in disdain
Not worth the wake
To try and break the chain

Good times were there
And bad times make you remember
The moments of despair
Through October, November and December

You’ll never find out
Now that all these elements
Enriching your life with doubt
And unforgettable accidents
That you’ll never fail
To show your true face
So lifeless and pale
Rotting away in grace

Complicated as we thought
We found ourselves caught
Between the true meaning of
Hate and love

And the static grows
Killing the one true feeling
Only the light glows
Lying to make it appealing

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Reprehensibly disliked is a freelance web design bureau, specialized in photography, web- and visual design.

Currently established in The Netherlands, this bureau takes on varied assignments and projects; from a simple informative website to an interactive multimedia game that will engage the visitor and sustain a joyful feeling of your company.

Appreciate this