Socialized Racists

It’s been almost 17 years that I’ve lived in the Netherlands now. I’ve seen this land turn into a chaotich, corrupted and abused land. My family has been officially acknowledged as refugees based on social patterns. It was hard to fit in at the beginning. We have had a social assistant who showed us typical Dutch phenomenons. I remember when she drove me and my brother in a citroën (that she called citroen – citron) along long distances of farm fields and opened the windows. She said: “Smell it; this is fresh air!” The only thing I smelled was cow dung and compost.

Direct experience

I’ve lived a few years in small towns, but as me and my brothers and sisters were growing up, we had different needs. We moved to a city, not that big really. But it was a lot bigger than the towns we had lived in. Anyway: we settled in an apartment and it was all okay. But as time passed, we’ve sensed a shift in atmosphere. The socialized people, the good neighbors and all the people who were friendly moved out of town. One by one.

After 10 years, every person we knew had moved. And guess who were filling the empty apartments? The uncosialized dirt, gathered from around the land. It seemed like the town has been filtered. Good out, bad in. Clustering negativity and positivity.

A bit of history

This land has had a very rich history. Lots of wars, lots of power, lots of weird stuff. But let’s get to a more recent happening. After the second world war, the Netherlands were totally disrupted: the pre-war economy was no more. After 10 years of hard work coupled with economic cuts, the land has gained a lot of improvements. In the beginning of the “wederopbouw” (reconstruction), there were a lot of “gastarbeiders” (guest workers) from East-Europe migrating to the Netherlands for work. Though, in the seventies there was a much bigger need for workers. So workers, mostly from Italy, Spain, Turkey and Marocco, were supported to migrate to the Netherlands and some work to later head back to their families in the land they’ve left… So after a few years of work, every smart guy stays in the Netherlands: work is payed very well and there was a certainty for work, thus ensuring a positive future for their families. Who would leave with such an oppertunity?
Anyway: in the coming years, the Netherlands has had a growing amount of immigrants. It was not bad at all: people worked hard and ensured a brighter future for the Netherlands.

Turkish "gastarbeiders"

Bad immigrants

After a long time, around the year 1990, immigrants became well-known about the ins and outs of the social welfare provision system. Immigrants had the intention to abuse this system to only live off the social welfare payments. After a couple of years, politics became aware of this issue and started reducing the amount of immigrants by tightening the rules to be allowed as an official asylum seeker. Still, they had to reduce it with time, so there have been lots of immigrants who are only here to abuse the social welfare system. The only thing they did was make problems: “Idle hands make for the devil’s work”.

House of Representatives elections, May 21, 1986
House of Representatives elections, May 21, 1986

Current state

There are big groups in the Netherlands who dislike (hate) immigrants because of the abuse and the problems they brought. I can understand that, but the problem is that they mix the cause with the consequence. When they needed workers and supported them to come and work for the Netherlands, they should’ve known there was a risc of immigrating “bad people”. It’s a side-effect and should be accepted as a failure of the system. Other than that: I am not saying that abusing the system is a good thing.
So people get pissed off about immigrants and blame their social differences as the cause for the lack of cooperation between the immigrants and the natives. Terms like culture and religion become a reason to differentiate citizen and seperate them in two parts: “allochtoon” and “autochtoon”.

Since the beginning of the 80’s, there have been several nationalistic and anti-immigrant parties such as the Centre Party (CP) and the more recent Pim Fortuyn List (LPF) and the Party for Freedom (PVV). They all share the same obession of rearranging lives of new immigrants and of people with a different cultural background or religion. They preach about the rule “freedom of speech”, and say all the things they like. They embarrass, vituperate and lie without any difficulty. The only thing they have to say when you try to tell them that it’s not socially responsible and honest to say these words is: “I say what I want, it’s a free country. I have freedom of speech.” The funny thing is: if any immigrant tries to open his mouth, he’s immediately a terrorist, a  “haatzaaier” (hatred sower) or the more common “ape”. Because of course, we – as immigrants – have no social skills and lack the intellect to have the same rights.

Wilders illustrated as an ape
Wilders illustrated as an ape

Recently there have been hundreds of Dutch websites hacked. An image of Geert Wilders (the founder of PVV) resembling an ape has been put on the websites. Also, there is The websites are hacked because the owners of the websites did not update their software of their websites. Nevertheless, I bet you’ve heard about Geert Wilders before. He has been on the news almost every single day the last two years. He speaks the most flagrant things about religions and cultures only to be accepted because there is “freedom of speech.” The funny thing is that when the site is saying Wilders is an ape, they call it stupid and unsocialized, while Geert Wilders wrote, spoke and filmed much worse things about whole nations. Where is freedom of speech now?

Something to think about for now – I’ll return on this subject later.


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