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Ziggurat helps you create beautiful websites with ease

Simple and lightweight development

Spinning up your project takes only a matter of seconds, with automatic building and refreshing for a smooth development process.

Dynamic page routing, indexing and caching

Leveraging PHP in the back-end, Ziggurat can dynamically route and index your website's pages to achieve that snappy surfing experience.

Templating and built-in Markdown support

Set up your website with partials and templates to quickly create multiple pages. You can even write your content in the Markdown format.

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Ziggurat Core

Page indexing & routing

Set up hierarchical page structures with clean URLs


Create templates for pages and partials


Cache routes and fully rendered pages for optimized navigation

Custom properties

Add your own properties to pages and access them throughout your project

Output compression

Minify and compress HTML before delivery to client

Markdown support

Write your content in Markdown, render in HTML

Sitemap generator

Automatically generate an up-to-date sitemap of your pages

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Ziggurat Toolchain

Live development server

Preview changes made to your project live and in sync across multiple devices

SCSS compilation

Compile SCSS to CSS with autoprefixing

ES6 bundling

Bundle, mangle and compress ES6 JavaScript

SVG inlining

Optionally inline SVG images into your CSS and HTML

Image resizing

Batch image resizing in multiple sizes for multiple file types

Favicons generator

Generate a complete icon set for all devices

Asset compression

Built-in compression for assets including images, CSS and JavaScript

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Get Ziggurat

Ziggurat is free and open source. You can get start by cloning the project from the online repository:

git clone --recurse-submodules https://github.com/mmousawy/ziggurat.git

Find out more about Ziggurat in the GitHub repository or the documentation page.

Visit Ziggurat GitHub repositoryZiggurat documentation