A digital homebase for an innovative suicide prevention collective.

SUPRANET GGZ logo with a backdrop of a blurred network of connected lines joined by circles and people.


SupranetGGZ is an initiative of multiple suicide prevention organizations, aimed at significantly lowering the suicide rate by delivering better mental health care.

The care of potential suicide victims is very inconsistent amongst different healthcare institutions. Since healthcare organizations are competitors on the market, they have a sense to guard their "business practices". This results in slow adaptation of successful or new care methodologies and the measurable lower success rate for some healthcare institutions.

SupranetGGZ aims to create a constructive environment where health care organizations are motivated to communicate openly and open channels for the sharing of emerging methods for the care of suicide victims.

We took up the task to design and build their website with two separate sections: public pages and a members section. The public pages mainly serve for informing the general public and potential members. And the members area is used for sharing data between multiple organizations through their own profile page and through subscription channels in the system.

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