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Hi, I'm Murtada al Mousawy 👋

I'm a passionate senior Front end & Back end web developer with a sharp eye for UX and design.

With over 6 years of experience in various companies and an additional 8 years as a freelance web developer, I have honed my skills to create custom websites and web applications.


It's been a continuous journey of learning and adapting in the dynamic world of web technology. The internet has changed a lot since I started working with web technology in 2006. I initially focused on using Flash for interactive and visually engaging interface designs. However, as technology evolved, Flash was replaced by HTML5. Adapting to this change required a deep understanding of underlying systems.


Technology has been an integral part of our daily existence. While we've mastered its applications in many instances, the art of seamlessly blending design and technology remains a challenging pursuit. It's not just about integrating them; it's about adding value.

I believe that when design and technology harmonize effectively, the result is a user experience so seamless that it becomes almost invisible, enticing users to return time and again.

My approach

I love tackling challenges with a people-first mindset. To me, the magic ingredients for crafting fantastic products are knowledge and empathy. I dive deep into understanding my audience, innovate the product with prototyping, and then giving it all a spin in real-world testing. These are my trusty tools in the journey of iterative development.

I draw inspiration from the pioneer designers, photographers, and artists who've laid the foundation for my work. My approach is to infuse my creations with a personal touch, adding my unique twist to what's been done before. It's in these subtle nuances that I find my creative edge.