Murtada al Mousawy, full-stack web developer working in the Rotterdam & Den Haag area.

Murtada sitting on a couch with his laptop.

Why I love my job

Technology is an inseparable part of daily life. How to make use of technology has been studied and worked out for many cases. Still, effectively combining design and technology is tricky and should always be an added value. When a design is implemented correctly, it will be transparent for the user and one of the reasons they'll come back to use the same product again and again.

I proudly inspire myself by designers, photographers and artists who have paved the path before me. My secret is that I always try to give my work a personal twist on what's already done before!

Murtada typing on laptop that is sitting on his lap.

How I got here

The internet landscape went through many changes since I've started experimenting with web technology in 2006. The interactive and visual flexibility to interface designs of Flash formed a basis for my animated and dynamic approach to software development.

Along the way, Flash got dropped in favour of HTML5 and in order to make my designs work seamlessly in another technology, I needed a good understanding of the underlying systems.

With 3+ years combined company experience and a total of 5+ years (freelance) web experience, I've mastered many fields to fully produce custom websites and web applications.

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Murtada drawing wireframes in a sketchbook.

My approach

I try to solve each problem with a human-centered approach. Knowledge and empathy is key in creating products for any end-user. Target audience research, prototyping and testing are skills I use throughout the entire iterative development process.

Evaluating each step in the development process is a great way to check if you're still on track and if your requirements will be met. Scrum, Sprints, and Agile are methodologies I'm familiar with and of which I'm a big proponent of.

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