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Isometric illustration of a man walking while being chained to a computer screen with software on it.

Minimizing technical debt

6 min

Technical debt is a term used loosely in the technology world, but what exactly is it? In this post I'll provide insight into how to identify and deal with technical debt.

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Dealing with large SVG backgrounds

3 min

Using SVGs on the web is a great way to have responsive images in your product. Usually SVGs are used for illustrations and icons, but what about using them for backgrounds? Let's dive in!

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Using promises & async/await in JavaScript

9 min

Promises in JavaScript are used as a representation of an eventual completion of an asynchronous operation. What are the benefits over traditional methods of asynchronous completion handling and how and when do you use promises?

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Abstract isometric illustration of a blocky wave going through a website, resulting in a smooth wave.

Going jank free - Achieving 60 FPS smooth websites

10 min

Websites that are silky smooth 60 FPS are like the holy grail for web developers. In this post, I'll go in-depth to explain how to attain this enigmatic feat.

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Isometric illustration of a man and a woman working on a floating screen.

Finding your own invested focus group for testing

3 min

Having your own group of personally interested people to test your work, how nice would that be? I'll tell you about how I found those rare unicorns, and how I kept them happy.

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